Berkey Light Water Filter System Review

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Berkey Light Water Filter Review

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About Berkey:

“The Berkey Light can be used in any setting, but it was originally designed to be a light-weight unit that is ideally suited for outdoor and emergency use. The Berkey Light system has features that are unique to this specific model.  The see through container makes it easier to determine the amount of water in the upper container without the need to have the waterview spigot. The built-in elevated base makes it possible to place a drinking water glass under the spigot without having the unit on the edge of the counter and the light-weight poly material is extremely durable making it dent and shatter proof.  It produces the same quality and quantity of water as the stainless steel models at a more economical price. All Berkey Light water filter units come with 2 filters and 2 plugs and have the capability to accept 4 filters. If you purchase the 4 filter model you get an extra set of Black Berkey elements. If at anytime you need a higher water flow rate, converting to a larger systems is easy, simply remove the supplied plugs from the upper container and add the extra filters. This unit comes with complete instructions and everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of great tasting purified drinking water any where you go.”

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Why a Berkey Filter?

The water my family and I drink has always been in the forefront of my mind and at the top of my priority list in regards to health. I do not go the bottled water route for a few reasons:

1. Bottled water is typically bottled in questionable plastic (made in large amounts, often containing BPA and other potentially other harmful substances).

2. It is not cost efficient! Investing in a filter for your home will ultimately save you money and is more convenient, to boot.

3. The water in bottled water sits in that same container for potentially months before it is actually consumed. This means that whatever that plastic is made of is having a gigantic window of time to leach into the water.

Those are a few reasons that made me choose a Berkey Light Water Filter for my family’s drinking water supply. Berkey also offers fluoride filters (without getting into an elaborate discussion about fluoride–I’ll just say I avoid it).

Benefits of Using a Berkey:

-Takes heavy metals out of our water

-heavy metals cause a multitude of health defects including hormone disruption,                 brain fog and chronic inflammation)

-Strips contaminants from water so you don’t ingest them

-As scary as it sounds: parasites, pharmaceuticals, environmental pollutants and                 mold can all be present in our water supply. Each of those will impact your health             negatively, especially through daily exposure through drinking water.

-You’ll experience increased health overall

-I notices that my skin is clearer, I sleep better, my energy levels are higher and my            tests came back very low for toxic contamination in my system.

This filter sits in our kitchen and is our source of water for drinking, cooking, making coffee, filling up our dog’s water bowl–you name it. I would say that we use quite a bit of water, as I’m frequently making almond milk, brewing coffee, making smoothies, filling up blender bottles–which all require water from that filter. We keep a big pitcher next to the Berkey for a quick fill up. We usually have to refill the filtering tank every 1-2 days. It’s not inconvenient, and only takes a few minutes a day. All in all, we love our Berkey filter and are happy to have it as a staple in our daily routine.

I highly recommend this filter to anyone–especially families looking for a non-contaminated source of water. This size works for us, but Berkey also makes them bigger and also smaller (more portable) with the same thorough filtering. The filters don’t need to be replaced until they’ve filtered 3,000 gallons of water, or 6,000 gallons for two filter elements (we have two)–for us I believe it will end up being every 3 years.


3 thoughts on “Berkey Light Water Filter System Review”

  1. I agree with you on the bottled water. I just got a Berkey a month or two ago and am loving it so far! Just a quick question though, how often do you flush yours out? I have read conflicting information and people have said every three months or when the water starts filtering at a slower rate. What are your thoughts?


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