Urthbox Subscription Sample Box Review





Overall Rating: 3.5 STARS

About Urthbox:

“UrthBox is all about the delicious discovery of healthy new snacks. Every month we’ll help you discover safe, healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands that you can purchase at your local stores or at the UrthBox Shop.

In Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet box options, we’ll send you foods, beverages, snacks and more that are NON-GMO, Organic and All Natural focused right to your door every month. And… shipping is always free.


Each month our expert buyers carefully select new products that undergo ingredient, source, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing reviews. Only the highest scoring products pass to our members.

Just select a box and we’ll take care of the rest.

Select a Box : Select a box size and choose from our Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Diet options. You can choose anywhere from one to six month subscriptions that you can gift to friends too.

Shipment : Each month your Urthbox will ship at the same time. We’ll email you once your box is ready to ship.

Enjoy : Once you receive your box you’ll be surprised with carefully selected fresh new snacks that are all yours. Enjoy what you get and purchase more of what you love at member discounts at the UrthBox Shop or at local stores.

Loyalty Points : You’ll also earn big points for every subscription month, for referring friends and for every purchase you make at the UrthBox Shop. You can easily redeem your points for even bigger discounts.”

Eco Dent Rinse & Powder


“Eco-dent products provide superior natural oral care for teeth and gums. The benefits of using Eco-dent products have been documented by more university research than all other natural oral care products combined. Cosmetic benefits-like brighter polished teeth and fresh breath-confirmed by thousands of satisfied users! Unmatched economy and the most ecological packaging available.”   

Neo Super Water


“9.5 pH Alkaline, Reverse Osmosis, Electrolytes, Fluoride & Lead Free, Antioxidants, BPA Free.”

Svelte Organic Soy Protein Shake


“If you love the silky, flowery taste of vanilla, you’ll love this blend of fresh organic soymilk and pure organic vanilla. Fans of French Vanilla Svelte® love the smooth mouthfeel and the deliciousness of melted vanilla ice cream.”

PurAbsorb Iron


“It is not actually how much iron we consume that matters, it is the amount of iron that our body is able to absorb. Since pur-Absorb Iron has a clinically proven high absorption rate, the body can get the absorbed iron that it needs from a lower dose. In women with low iron levels, pur-Absorb has a clinically proven high absorption rate of over 40%.  An absorption rate that is much higher than the average iron absorption of 10-15% from food sources and 18% from conventional iron supplements.”

Salba Chia Boost


“Salba Smart’s Premium Ground Boosts can be sprinkled onto or into just about any meal or added to classic cooking and baking recipes for a nutritional boost for the whole family. Non-GMO.

  • Individual servings of Salba Chia Premium Ground make getting a daily boost as easy as sprinkling a packet over lunch, a smoothie or afternoon snack.
  • Fits easily into a purse, briefcase, or backpack for on-the-go nutrition.”

Licious Organics


“Can you think of a more nutrient-dense, natural taste & texture pairing than tangy tart Cranberry & delicately delicious Almond? We couldn’t, either! Organic, organic, organic: oats & coconut hook up with sunflower seeds & cinnamon, sweetening the deal with raw organic honey from blissful bees, and packing trace minerals from Utah Pink Salt! Raw, gluten-free goodness in the palm of your hand!”

Snapea Crisps


The smooth, mild flavor of the pea is already delicious. So why mess with Mother Nature? We simply sprinkled it with a little salt to bring out the flavor and, voilà! Natural goodness, made great. Perfect for a post-workout snack, lunch side or crunchy topping on a salad, Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps are so simply good, you can eat them with anything, anywhere.”

Snickety Baked Fries


“Want some classic good ol’ french fries with half the fat? These potato & corn snacks are baked with bold flavors & full-tilt taste!”

Picnicker Veggie Sausage


“Certified USDA Organic veggie snack sausages from Viana. Made in Germany and inspired by traditional European cuisine. 1.76 oz (50g) individually wrapped sausages. Great as a high-protein vegan snack on the go.”

Unreal Candy Bars


“Never Fake Real Ingredients. Always 100% real. Unjunking the candy world.”

Shelton’s Jalapeño Turkey Stick


Shelton’s turkey sticks come in 3 flavors, original, pepperoni and jalapeno. The sticks are individually vacuum packed in easy open packages 36 to a handsome display box. Shelton’s turkey sticks are shelf stable. ”

Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips


“Pico de Gallo. Non-GMO. Gluten Free.”


My Thoughts:

The thing that stands out about this subscription box (since there are many others with a similar idea) is the quantity you get. You essentially get about 15 items in your box (counting duplicates). This is pretty rare. Most boxes range from 5-10 items in their sample box. This box also offers a great variety of food items mixed with hygiene and supplement samples. That’s something that sets this sample box apart, as well.

Quality is obviously important to me, too. All but one of these products are non-gmo (or at least I could not decipher that from the website of the Shelton’s Jalapeño Turkey Stick) and 3 of them are certified organic.

That’s not a bad percentage, but the goal is to get a box that is chock full of all organic goodies. That would be the ultimate way to discover new, high quality brands. I would not demand that every one of the products be certified organic–if the company used all organic ingredients but simply did not have the financial means to gain the certification.

Taste-wise, this box was delectable! From the Unreal chocolates that taste like real peanut butter cups, to the Veggie sausage which was surprisingly yummy, to the ice-cream-like Svelte shake…I was impressed with how much my taste buds enjoyed this box.

I can see myself recommending this box to someone looking for an introduction into healthier, daily products. Having Urthbox include more products that are exclusively organic (either certified or just containing a list of organic ingredients) would make me a regular customer, because I love the idea of discovering products through a monthly subscription box. I’ve found some of my favorites this way!

You can use the code 5XU83J for $10 off your first Urthbox order! Offer expires on 5/30.

One thought on “Urthbox Subscription Sample Box Review”

  1. This company has the worst customer service ever.

    I just moved and I changed my address on the website the only place you can change it. I get the tracking info for my August boxes, I’m subscribed to three boxes, and I check to see where my boxes are. Tracking info says they’ve been delivered, they shipped them to the old address though.

    Obviously I’m pretty disappointed so I email them letting them know what happened. They respond saying that I should have emailed them to change my shipping address and that if I want my August boxes I will have to pay $6 more per box for them to be shipped to the correct address, the address that I had already changed on their website which says NOTHING anywhere as far as having to email them to change your shipping location.

    I let them know that I thought it was pretty messed up how they were handling this situation considering it was their error and their website issues that caused it to happen. To which they let me know that they would be adding a note to their website to email them if you need to change your shipping address. Yet are still requiring that I pay them another $18 on top of the already $70+ that I paid for my August boxes.

    Now they’ve stopped responding to me and are censoring me from their Facebook page.

    This is a terrible company with terrible standards, they will not last long.


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