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A Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe that Doesn’t Suck for your Health

a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE RECIPE that doesn’t suck for your health! 🍂

🍁but tastes so major

🍁is paleo friendly

🍁has no added sugar

🍁contains only simple, real ingredients



-8oz fairtradeorganicfreerangenaturallocal coffee (hehe)

-1 tbsp pumpkin purée (I used bpa free canned pumpkin from Trader Joes)

-1 tbsp coconut cream (once again from TJ’s)

-8 drops liquid Monkfruit 

-1 capsule Immune Renew mushroom blend

-1/2 tsp cinnamon

-1/2 tsp nutmeg

-1/4 cup unsweet almond milk



-combine all ingredients with coffee in whatever the heck kind of order you want.

-for medium awesome, stir them in.

-for large awesome, blender them in with an immersion or fave blender.


**i personally never measure in the kitchen. can you believe i did the legwork this morning to give you exact numbers? 😄you’re so welcs. supes welcs.


Purity Organic Coffee Review: Lab-Tested, Mold-Free, Pesticide-Free, Mycotoxin-Free (+ Coupon Code!)

Purity Coffee


Purity Coffee is completely focused on health from bean to bag.  We roast for the highest levels of antioxidants and the lowest levels of acrylamide.  Our coffee is lab-tested to be free of molds, mycotoxins and pesticides. One of the easiest changes anyone can make to their diet is to switch to healthier coffee!

Over 19,000 studies have shown that coffee is beneficial for general health and longevity and specifically for heart disease, liver disease, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes.  Coffee is the richest source of antioxidants in the western diet and contains over 850 compounds (that aren’t present in tea or those sugar-filled caffeine energy drinks).

My Experience:

Coffee is such a massive part of our culture. I’m a big fan. I’m also super passionate about letting you guys know about brands that are growing coffee with massive regards to quality + purity. If you read thru their mission above, it’s easy to tell that they are doing coffee with the utmost regard for the health implications. I have a lot of appreciation for this. It may come as no surprise at this point, but it’s key to realize that (like food), not all coffee is grown equally. Most of it is grown with profit as the main goal, versus health and vitality. Thus, most coffee consumed is rife with pesticides and mold, due to the less than optimal growing conditions and processing practices.

The reason it’s important to me to have organic coffee is because it’s something I consume 6-7 days out of the week. Because I consume it so often, the quality is important to me. In general, that’s my rule of thumb with buying things organic. I don’t fret if 100% of what I consume is organic, but if it’s something I consume daily, then it moves high up on my priority list to seek an organic option.

We have a great Burr grinder at home so we opted for their bags of Whole Bean coffee, but they also have a K-Cup option for Keurig users. This coffee has a rich, smooth taste from the darker roasted beans and is delicious black or with your favorite healthy additives (we love superfoods and plant based milks).

I’m generally just very stoked to know about this brand. We don’t buy a lot of bagged coffees because we do a lot of our own roasting of green coffee beans at home (and most bagged coffees are cruddy and/or it’s hard to tell what’s in them and how they’ve been grown). However, Purity Coffee is changing how we view coffee. It will now be my go-to for our house and a great option for gifting to friends and family.

Use code RUNONORGANIC for 20% off your first order at PurityCoffee.com

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Purity Coffee.

Mushroom + Cacao Coffee Recipe (+Ketogenic Friendly)

Freaked out by the idea of eating/drinking mushrooms? I’m here to help you get over that!

Why ‘Shrooms?

(no psychadelic effects in this drank, folks)

Various mushroom varieties (chaga, reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane) can offer you all kinds of brain boosting + mental focus perks. Besides, it adds a wonderful rich + earthy full spectrum flavor to the back side your big gulps of coffee.

Mushrooms are classified as adaptogens, which essentially means that they help boost your immunity and make your body more resilient to stress. If you think about it, mushrooms grow in harsh and precarious environments. In my mind, it’s like we are taking on those robust + tough characteristics when we consume them.

Why Cacao Powder?

It’s the base of our beloved chocolate! Unlike the processed chocolate bars you’ll find in most store, raw cacao powder is an antioxidant powerhouse. Cacao will provide you with energy (without all the sugar), mood stabilization and even help you curb your cravings + satisfy that sweet tooth.

Why Cacao Butter?

When combined with a fat, the caffeine in coffee becomes more steadily absorbed and provides you with a sustained, gradual increase in focus, versus experiencing a jittery feeling from coffee consumption.

I like that Cacao Butter utilizes the fatty part of the cacao pod + that it’s vegan! You could also opt for a coconut-derived oil.

I don’t need to ask Why Coffee…

Coffee is the universe. Okay, but seriously, I probably don’t need to talk anyone into drinking coffee.

Mushroom Cacao.jpg


-Your favorite mug. A mug that makes you happy.

-1 flat Tbsp mushroom powder of your choice (I make a blend of Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Chaga and keep it in a jar on the counter)

-1 flat Tbsp cacao powder

-1 heaping Tbsp of cacao butter pieces (it comes in solid chunks at room temperature!)

-Fill up your cup the rest of the way with freshly brewed coffee.

*Looking for a caffeine free alternative? Add hot water instead of coffee.

Optional: 2 drops of liquid stevia or 1 teaspoon of powdered stevia


You could blend it all together in a Nutribullet, but I normally have no problem just using a spoon. It’s normal for the fat to rise to the top.




Recipe: How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Have you heard of this? Bulletproof coffee is becoming increasingly more prevalent–as it should. Without diving-head-first into the boat loads of science behind these ingredients and the synergy that exists between them, I’ll give you the…

Semi-basic run down for why bulletproof coffee can take your coffee routine to the next level & a few tips on making your own:

  • Improves your mental clarity
  • Slows the assimilation of caffeine and fats in your body, making them more filling & giving you sustained energy versus just a quick boost.
  • Coupling the coffee with fats like grass fed butter, MCT oil (you can also use palm oil or coconut oil) improves the satiating effect of the drink and the natural caffeine content of the coffee bean helps make the fatty acids more readily available for absorption and energy use in the body.
  • Laird describes this robust drink as one that will give you “a whole new focus.”
  • The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in the butter and oils help reduce inflammation in the body by decreasing triglyceride levels.
  • Make sure to choose a coffee blend that is organic (preferably a dark or espresso roast, as those often contain less acid.
  • You can make this completely vegan and dairy free just by using the MCT oil, coconut oil and/or palm oil.

My interest in bulletproof coffee has existed for a while now–initially prompted by this video by one of my main professional-athlete-inspirers (surfing legend, fitness & nutrition guru), Laird Hamilton.


BP coffee.jpg

My Recipe for Bulletproof Coffee:

(created with inspiration from many!)

No exact measuring here! Everything is approximate.

Instructions here are minimal:

  • Simply combine all ingredients (sans coffee) in your coffee cup.
  • Brew your coffee as usual, separately.
  • When finished, pour the hot coffee into your cup to combine all of the ingredients.
  • The heat from the coffee will liquify the oils and help everything to combine.
  • Stir & ENJOY!

I’ve loaded up that list with the links to all of the products that I used.

Also, it’s just worth mentioning that I drink this is the morning in place of a breakfast. Lately, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting (only liquids until 11amish, then eating from about 11am-7pm) paired with a ketogenic approach to eating. I’m not counting macros right now, but I mindfully to good sources of fat for energy and then an adequate (filling) amount of protein.

Have you ever made your own bulletproof coffee? I’d love to hear about it. Happy Brewing!

TK Hibiscus Tea Review


TK Hibiscus Tea

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

About TK Hibiscus:

“From bissap to agua de Jamaica, hibiscus has a centuries-long tradition as a brewed beverage with many different names. I grew up in a tea household and my Egyptian-born father was an avid drinker of his native version, karkadé (“car-kah-day”). He used to brew his own at home, drinking it plain or with a twist of ginger ale. When a routine check-up a few years ago revealed my blood pressure was starting to elevate―which wasn’t a shock to me given my love for salty foods and a job in investment banking at the time ―my father put on his doctor’s coat and recommended I start to incorporate hibiscus tea into my daily diet.

Hibiscus tea is not only delicious and refreshing, it is also a known super food. It’s full of antioxidants and it has been known to help lower and maintain healthy blood pressure as well promote heart health. In short, it’s really good for you. And in a few months after adding hibiscus to my daily diet, my blood pressure had returned to normal levels (at least most of the time).

I was impressed and so was my brother Ryan―who has experience in the high-end food industry―and the seed of an idea began to take root. We both began to experiment with different kinds of brews and blends. Our first breakthrough was the addition of the agave nectar. It’s sweeter than sugar and honey, which means it not only enhances the flavor profile but you use less, which means less calories―only 40 in a 16-ounce serving. Next, we chose our favorite four flavor combinations; they’re all perfect at any time of the day, but each one has its own unique profile. Spearmint: Refreshingly perfect after a workout or a lazy day in the park. Ginger: The perfect complement to spice up any meal. Jasmine: With a touch of caffeine, it is the perfect replacement for your afternoon or morning coffee. Classic: As simple as it gets and the benchmark for bottled hibiscus tea.

So with these first four flavors we introduce TK Hibiscus; the first and premier purveyor of bottled, fresh-brewed, all-natural organic hibiscus teas. Our methods of procurement, production, and distribution are just as refreshingly modern.

Sip. Savor. Refresh.”


Green Jasmine Hibiscus Tea


“The addition of the jasmine green tea helps add a layer of natural sweetness and a floral layer of flavor to the hibiscus. It also provides another kick of antioxidants from the green tea and a subtle infusion of caffeine as well. Feeling like garbage after your third cup of coffee today? Grab a bottle of our hibiscus + jasmine green cuvée and your cubical will become as tranquil as a Japanese garden (and you will have enough energy to dominate the dojo as well).


Purified Water, Organic Hibiscus Calyces, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Jasmine Green Tea.”


Yellow Ginger Hibiscus Tea


“An old school recipe rebooted, the fresh organic ginger adds a sweet spice to the hibiscus as well as some of the various health benefits including helping with digestion. The flavor profile makes this perfect to pair with spicy foods ranging from chorizo tacos to the spiciest of drunken noodles.

Purified Water, Organic Hibiscus Calyces, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Ginger.”


Classic Simple Hibiscus Tea


“The benchmark example of how hibiscus tastes when fresh brewed and lightly sweetened (trust us a great amount of research went into forming this conclusion). The agave rounds out the tart profile of the hibiscus giving our classic simple a refreshing flavor profile similar to a light cranberry juice.

Purified Water, Organic Hibiscus Calyces, Organic Agave Nectar.”


Cool Mint Hibiscus Tea


“This brew blends organic mint and organic hibiscus. The mint adds a cooling fresh taste as well as brings a nice balance to the concentration of the hibiscus flavor profile. This tea pairs well with any meal and is terrific for everything from afternoon sipping to rehydrating after a workout or a night out (Note: we are not judging).

Purified Water, Organic Hibiscus Calyces, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Spearmint.”


My Thoughts:

My latest drink obsession (triggered by receiving these 4 drinks and then experiencing hibiscus tea in many restaurants on my recent volleyball tournament trip to downtown Denver) is hibiscus tea. I have enjoyed it so much lately that I have gotten my hands on several bags of bulk, dried hibiscus leaves and am making my own at home.

I love hibiscus tea in that it tastes rich, unique and delicious & serves as a naturally caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Though I love coffee, I am also well aware of the benefits of herbal tea–thus, I aim to incorporate herbal teas into my diet daily.

At 10g of sugar per bottle, these drinks aren’t terribly sugar heavy. Also, they are sweetened using a low glycemic sweetener, agave nectar.

I appreciate and enjoy the fact that TK Hibiscus has created a unique, healthy, organic line of hibiscus tea blends. The ingredients are crystal clear on the label, there are no mystery ingredients, and you don’t suffer from a sugar high nor a crash later in the day. The cool mint is my favorite flavor of the bunch! I’d recommend these teas to someone looking for a healthy lunchtime drink to pair with their meal, someone looking for a coffee alternative, or someone looking to simply incorporate herbal teas in their daily diet.